Don't - Throw Anything

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Don't - Throw Anything

Do not throw anything onto the track or into the grandstands. If you are caught doing this, security guards will kick you out of the track with no refund.



8/5/2007 8:21:14 PM
debern33 said:

throwing stuff on to the track is being rude,unsportsman like contuck and bad influnce on young fans. if u don't like a driver, get thier pic. hang on a wall in your house and throw stuff at it there so no one gets hurt and u'll see how much damage u do to your own place. i am a dale,jr. fan and his father's fan for over 20yrs and i don't certain driver's,but i would never throw stuffon a track cause i'm a better person for that. and i don't like jeff gordon,but he is a champion and the only driver that bet dale,sr and r.petty for 8 titles. so grow up and be and act like and adult when u go to races. show respect wen your there. dale,jr fan forever.give up the 8 and make it better for him to be his father's son. debbie and ernie.


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