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Chartered Tours

Chartered tours can be a great way to see a race. Even though it is usually a bit more expensive, this option is a low-stress way to get to and from the track. The charter company will look after such things as buying the tickets, providing the hotel accommodations and driving you to the track.


Don't Delay

Do not wait until the week before a race to buy your tickets. They will have been sold out long before then. Your only option at that point would be to pay triple the ticket price to a scalper.


Call the Track

The first thing you should do when trying to buy tickets for a NASCAR event is call the track. This way you know the tickets are not counterfeit and typically going straight to the source is the cheapest place to look. Be sure to tell the person selling the tickets if you've never been to the track. Usually they will offer to send you a map of the area and information from the local hotels.


Surf the Internet

If the track happens to be sold out of tickets for its next NASCAR race, check the internet. There are sites devoted to helping fans obtain tickets. Most of the spare tickets come from other fans who either have an extra ticket, or can no longer go to the race. But be careful when purchasing tickets across the net because although it is rare, there have be instances where the seller has printed up what appears to be a valid ticket, but is not.


Watch the Races

If you turn on the television and watch a few races before heading down to the race track, it will teach you some of the basic rules, while letting you get more familiar with the cars. This will help you better identify your favorite car, and help you to understand what you are seeing.


Plan Ahead

Be sure to plan ahead where it is you will stay overnight, and call for reservations. Hotels and campgrounds in the area are a good choice, but chances are anything near the track will be slim pickings the week before the race, if not already sold out.


Daytona 500

If you are planning to go to the Daytona 500, be sure to buy your tickets a year in advance. Tickets to this race sell out fast, and scalpers tend to raise the ticket prices four or five times their original value for this weekend.


Learn About the Drivers

Learning a few things about the drivers in the race you are going to attend will make your experience much more injoyable. To find out a bit more about the drivers, you can search for them online, in magazines or in programs on the television.


Go Without a Ticket

If you were unable to find a ticket, there is still one option - go to the track without one. Although this can be a nerve racking experience, if you are a patient person willing to spend the money, you should be able to find a ticket for a fair price. If you are willing to miss the first few laps of the race, you will likely even find a ticket for less than face value. Be sure to be cautious when buying a ticket from a scalper. Check the date on the ticket and look it over to see that it looks right. A little extra time spent here, may be what saves you some hassle later.

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