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Photograph License Plate

For around $10, you can purchase the photograph license plate of your favorite driver. There is a variety of designs available, but typically, there is a picture of the car, the driver and a replica autograph.



For around $20, you can purchase a cap featuring your favorite driver. There is a wide variety of styles available for many of the drivers. Caps typically include driver's replica autograph, car number and/or primary sponsor.


Leather Jackets

For around $300, you can purchase a leather jacket featuring your favorite driver. Some are reversible, so you can have two very different looking jackets in one. Typically, the jackets contain the driver's name, car number, replica autograph and main sponsor.


Speedway Illustrated

Speedway illustrated, at first glance looked fairly thick for your average magazine, but then as I flipped through it I realized why. I was faced with the typical half-page advertisement scenario that many car magazines seem to favor. I'm still a subscriber to this monthly magazine because each issue contains several interesting articles from the world of stockcars, but I'd much rather see less advertising within the pages.


NASCARŪ For DummiesŪ

This would have to be one of the best books about NASCAR out there that I have found to date. It is filled with information on everything that you could ever want to know about the sport like what makes the series differ, the rules, several top-10 lists, information on every track and so much more stuff than I could possibly do justice for. NASCAR® For Dummies® is a great tool for old and new fans alike. This paperback book is written by one of the Winston Cup's best drivers, Mark Martin and comes complete with pictures, charts and the highest quality of information I have been able to find to date.



Socks, featuring many of your favorite drivers are available in a variety of sizes for around $5 a pair. Available in both men and women's styles, the socks typically include the driver's car number.



New to NASCAR is a do-rag available for many of the drivers. For around $15, they feature the driver's number, replica autograph and team-colored flames running along the front and sides.


Driver Series Watches

Value-priced watches are available from NASCAR for about $40. They are known as the Driver Series Watches and feature the driver's car number, a replica signature and a white background.


Tee Shirts

Available in a variety of colors and styles, NASCAR tee-shirts cost usually around $20. Typically, a picture of the driver, car, car's number and/or a replica autograph will be found on the shirt. A range of styles are available for both men and women.


Round Clock

A series of round clocks are available from many of NASCAR's Winston Cup drivers. Costing around $25, the clocks are complete with the driver's name, car's photo, car number, replica autograph and primary sponsor photo.


Auto Emblems

For around $10, you can purchase an adhesive decal for your car. Emblems are available in a variety of styles and usually include the driver's car number and replica autograph.


Nascar Facts & Fun Daily 2003 Calendar

I just purchased the Nascar Facts & Fun Daily 2003 Calendar before the new year and was not disappointed. Inside it were several driver's biographies, information on every track, a description about each of NASCAR's series and top-10 lists that feature the top ten drivers from each year dating back to 1949. The part that I find best about this calendar, is that I can learn a little piece of information each day and it doesn't require me to spend more than a minute to do so.


Crew Chief Watches

For around $70, you can purchase a Crew Chief Series watch from your favorite driver. On the face of the watch is the driver's car number and a replica signature on a team-colored background. Both styles for men and women are available.



For around $20, you can purchase a flag featuring your favorite Winston Cup driver. The flags come in a variety of styles and typically feature a picture of the car, driver's number, driver's photo and/or a replica autograph.


Wide Open: Days and Nights on the NASCAR Tour

I bought the book called, "Wide Open: Days and Nights on the NASCAR Tour", about a year ago. I had fully expected this book to be a tough read, because being the kind of person I am, I read very little more than the writing on the outside of my cereal box in the morning. That said, I can honestly say that I enjoyed reading through this book. It was fast paced, but what I think gave this book its extra flair was the fact that it was written by someone who didn't start with a particularly large interest in NASCAR.


Schedule Watches

For about $70, there are watches available that digitally contain the schedule for the Winston Cup Series. The watch contains information such as, track location, race time and even what network will broadcast the program. An alarm can also be programmed to play the American National Anthem at the start of each race.


Owner Style Watches

A 23K gold Owner Series watch is available for around $130. Available in most Winston Cup teams, the watch comes complete with the driver's car number and replica autograph. Styles are available for both men and women.


Bed in the Bag

For around $130, you can purchase a complete bed in the bag for your favorite driver. The sets include a reversible comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet, bedskirt, two shams and two pillowcases and are typically decorated with a picture of the car, the car's number, NASCAR logo and/or relica autograph. Available in most bed sizes.


Stock Car Racing

As a subscriber to Stock Car Racing magazine, the first thing that I noticed was the high-quality look of the book. Not only that, inside were fabulous color photos devoted to the cars and driver's of the sport themselves. Even though the entire magazine is not in color, it is still a great find because of its interesting articles and driver interviews. This magazine isn't "America's No. 1 Selling Auto Racing Magazine" for nothing. The only fault that I found with this magazine were the advertisements, though there were much fewer then in other magazines on the same subject that I have encountered.

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