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Question 1

When is the green flag shown?

At the start of the race.
When starting and restarting the race.
During the entire race.
Anytime that another flag is not being shown.
In NASCAR, a green flag means go. The flag is used to start the field at the beginning of a race. The green flag will not be waved again until the end of a caution period. At this time, the green flag is waved to restart the race.

Question 2

What flag is shown during a caution?

Blue with a diagonal yellow stripe
The yellow flag is also known as the caution flag. The yellow flag indicates that the drivers must slow down and proceed around the track with caution. During a caution, the pace car will come on to the track and lead the cars until the race is ready to be restarted.

Question 3

When is the white flag shown?

After the end of the race, to remind drivers of slow moving vehicles on the track.
Only at road course events.
Never. The white flag is not a flag in NASCAR.
One lap before the green is shown, and just before the checkered.
On all NASCAR tracks, the white flag is used to indicate to the drivers that they have started their final lap of the race. Only during road course events is the white flag used by the corner workers to indicate that an emergency vehicle is on the racetrack.

Question 4

What flag represents the end of the race?

The checkered flag contains alternating black and white squares. When the checkered flag waves, it signifies the end of the race. The first driver to cross the finish line while the checkered flag is waving is the winner of that race.

Question 5

When the red flag is shown, what must the drivers do?

Slow down
Go to the pit area
Let the leaders past
The red flag is shown to the drivers when it is necessary for the race to come to a complete stop. Reasons for waving this flag may include a bad accident blocking the track, rain or other unsafe conditions on the track.

Question 6

What flag is waved to tell a driver that they must pit?


Question 7

What does the black flag with a white ´X´ signify?

The car must pit because of a mechanical problem.
A warning given to drivers who are concidered ´rough´.
The car will no longer be scored until it pulls into the pits.
All vehicles must exit the track.
The black flag with a white ´X´ on it is shown if a driver does not pit within five laps of receiving the black flag. The flag means NASCAR officials are no longer scoring the driver until they obey the previous black flag and pit.

Question 8

Which flag is the only optional flag for the drivers to obey?

Black with a white ´X´
Blue with a diagonal yellow stripe
This flag is shown to let the slower driver(s) know that one or more faster drivers are about to lap them. This flag is optional, and the driver may choose to ignore it if he/she wishes. Even though this flag is optional, NASCAR prefers that the slower driver move aside so that the leading drivers may still race.

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