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Question 1

Who was the 2002 Winston Cup Champion?

Mark Martin
Kurt Busch
Tony Stewart
Jeff Gordon
Tony Stewart won NASCAR´s Winston Cup Championship in 2002 with a 38 point lead over runner-up driver Mark Martin. Tony Stewart is the only driver who has won the title while on NASCAR probation.

Question 2

Who was NASCAR´s Winston Cup Series´ Rookie of the Year in 2002?

Shawna Robinson
Ryan Newman
Jimmie Johnson
Carl Long
Even though Jimmie Johnson finished one place ahead of Ryan Newman in the final championship points, it was Newman who won the Rookie of the Year title. This is because rookie points are based on the driver´s 17 best finishes of the season.

Question 3

Which Winston Cup driver won the most races in 2002?

Matt Kenseth
Kurt Busch
Jimmie Johnson
Jeff Gordon
With a total of five wins in his 2002 season, Matt Kenseth led the drivers in number of Winston Cup wins. Kurt Busch came in second with four wins followed by Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon with three wins.

Question 4

Who won the Winston Cup´s Manufacturer´s Championship in 2002?

Ford won the Manufacturer´s Championship with a total of 14 wins followed by Chevrolet with 10 wins, Dodge with seven and Pontiac with five.

Question 5

Which Winston Cup driver won the most money in 2002?

Tony Stewart
Mark Martin
Jeff Gordon
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
With a total of $5,279,400, Mark Martin led the rest of the Winston Cup Series drivers in the 2002 season winnings. The second ranked driver based on winnings was Jeff Gordon with a total of $4,981,170.

Question 6

Which Winston Cup driver ended his 16 year streak of at least one win per year in 2002?

Terry Labonte
Dale Jarrett
Mark Martin
Rusty Wallace
After a 16 year streak of winning at least one race a season, Rusty Wallace was unable to continue this trend into 2002. He finished the year in seven place, the highest driver in the standings to not win a single race last season.

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