The Basics of NASCAR

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What is NASCAR?

The Basics of NASCAR

NASCAR is an acronym that stands for the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing. Founded in 1947, NASCAR is the world's largest stock car racing sanctioning body. From its humble beginnings in the American south when cars were driven off the street and onto the track, NASCAR has grown into the largest spectator sport in America. Owing mainly to safety advances through the years, the ‘stock' cars are now some of the most technologically advanced racing machines in motorsports. And its fanbase has grown from a few thousands people attending races held mainly in the south, to a fanbase estimated at 75 million people, one in three adults.

NASCAR is the second most watched sport in America on television. The most popular of NASCAR's national series is the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series; the Series stages 36 points races at 22 racetracks in 19 states over the course of the 10-month season. But through all its series NASCAR's reach extends to over 1300 events at 95 tracks in 33 states, along with Mexico and Canada.



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