What To Watch For

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I’ve never watched a NASCAR race, what do I look for?

What To Watch For

To someone who has never seen a NASCAR race, watching 43 cars go around in a circle can seem boring. Don't tell that to the 75 million people who call themselves fans.

Various brands and products, that can be found everywhere, sponsor all the 43 cars that make up the Nextel Cup field. And the drivers represent a cross section of America. They hail from California to Maine, from Washington State to Florida. As the sport as grown so has the driver base; there are now drivers who hail from Canada to Columbia and even Australia. All the major American car manufacturers are represented as well. GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota.

Focus on one driver, whether you are attracted because of the sponsor, the car make or were the driver is from, choose a favorite. As the race progresses keep an eye on how your driver is doing. Where did he start the race? Is he making his way up through the field? Did his crew set up his car properly? Are they able to make adjustments to the car during pit stops, which are normally less than 17 seconds long?

Once you center yourself on one driver you'll begin to notice the big picture of the entire race and how it's progressing. Is there one driver who is dominating the field? Did a dominating driver have a problem during a pit stop that forced him to the back of the field and he now has to work his way back to the front?

At speeds sometimes reaching two hundred miles an hour, and cars racing inches apart, the tension is always present. One slight mistake by a driver can spell disaster for those around or behind him.

There are many nuances that make up a NASCAR race. It's much more than just a bunch of guys going around in circles.



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